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Published | 13 juli 2023

Neural Therapy Congress Heidelberg

Neural Therapy Congress Heidelberg Terug naar het overzicht Friday 07-07 2023 / Heidelberg Dear colleagues, “Neural therapy is the interface between regional anesthesia and pain medicine”. Every day we receive many inquiries from patients from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There is a great need for an effective therapy for chronic pain, dysfunction and inflammation …

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Published | 12 mei 2023

Local anesthetics as a therapeutic tool for post COVID-19 patients

David Vinyes, MDa,b,c,* Montserrat Muñoz-Sellart, MDa,b,c, Teresa García Caballero, MDa,b,c

Published | 12 mei 2023

Neural Therapy and Its Role in the Effective Treatment of Chronic Pain

Neural therapy is a powerful treatment that can be quite effective in resolving autonomic nervous system dysfunction and pain, especially in the complex pain patient.

Published | 12 mei 2023

Neural Therapy for the daily practice

Neural therapy is a treatment that uses injections of local anesthetics for diagnosis and therapy. This treatment modality uses the auto-regulatory mechanisms and plastic properties of the nervous system.

Published | 12 mei 2023

Neural Therapy Training

Neural Therapy Training Terug naar het overzicht October 6-8 2023 / Leuven Delen